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A league of our own.

A league of our own.

I am not too sure why I have not been writing much lately. I do feel the urge to write, for it seems that there are a lot of things going on in my mind – but that somehow seems to always stop me from doing so. I am not attributing it to laziness or loss of interest, because I do like to write (whether I can write makes another issue altogether) – but heck, perhaps this is another one of those unexplained phenomenons that bug me every once in a while.

I remember when I first started out, I used to write an entry daily. Without fail. There would always be something I feel as though I should voice out, and I would diligently type, hit the button and publish my thoughts for all to read. However, I began to have difficulty putting my thoughts into words and the posts became few and little. Which is kind of odd, considering that if you have a love or a reason for writing, then you should be able to execute at least a paragraph or two. It seems to be the complete opposite for me. The more things I have in my mind, the more trouble I have in trying to sort them all out and putting them here.

And now, I post an entry here about three times a week. Which, is actually quite disturbing. I want to write, my mind screamed. But what?

Probably I just need to chill out. There are too many problematic group assignments that require much attention. And then there are the pills. Plus, the prospect of being called an ‘aunt’ is making me nervous.

Get a haircut; my hair seems to be tickling my neck. Get a nice ice-cream; drown in my misery. Get a good, long break; to escape from it all. Get a league of my own, to swish me away. In any case, my league will have to include…

The Path of The Good:
1) Drizzt Do’ Urden – righteous yet ‘dangerous’ dark elf ranger of the Forgotten Realms, with limited magic abilities but excellent fighting skills. Has a loyal pet panther that can come in handy during fights.. or if in need of a fun, furry moment as well.

2) Aragorn – he is just too fine to be left behind, for he is full of mystery, intrigue, and passion (corny, I know).

3) Richard Rahl – formerly a woods guide turned war wizard from the Sword of Truth series; it seems that he can always put a right to all wrongs.. instinctively.

4) Raistlin Majere – one of those mysterious and secretive characters in the Dragonlance chronicles, that you just do not know which side he is on. Plus, being a wizard makes him a potential threat. I think.

5) Neo – somehow, he possesses core ingredients to being a superhero – superpowers, an undying baddie, an equally strong-willed woman, bends spoons. Heck, he can even fly.

6) Artemis Entreri – the egoistic assassin who prowls the dark alleys without mercy for his victims. He would undoubtedly be a great help if he chooses to walk down this path.

The Villain
I cannot think of anyone else save for Agent Smith. Or just Smith will suffice. Come to think of it; maybe Lord Voldemort can do too.

I still do not understand this affinity I have for rangers, though. And I could not pinpoint a heroine to be included in the league. Trinity and Jue comes close; unfortunately, not close enough.

Hah. Fantasies.

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