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Plastic limbs and mini guns.

Plastic limbs and mini guns.

Went on a little shopping spree today, taking advantage of the current nationwide shopping carnival. Three t-shirts. Two CD-writers. One CD-ROM. And, well, do not ask.

While going down the escalators, I saw a toy store displaying a number of action figures. On impulse, I went to check out the shop, trying to see if it had what I wanted.

My eyes strayed to the rows of colourful action figures from left to right, top and bottom. Big and small. A number of shelves. Action figures still packed neatly inside their boxes, untouched. Star Wars. Lord of the Rings. The Incredible Hulk. And some unknown Japanese characters.

It is kind of silly, actually. Sometimes, we go to great lengths to look for the thing we desire to have – when it is right in front of our very own eyes.

A few Matrix action figures were actually right near my feet, and I failed to notice it earlier. I silently chided myself for not being alert enough, proceeding to kneel on the floor to have a better look at it. I so wanted to buy it – but I chose to wait, in case the price will go down in a few months. Where would I put this marvellous piece of work? In my bedroom?

Ooh. Suspended in mid air.My mother asked, “What can you do with it?” I carelessly replied, “To play with.” Then I thought about her question again. What can I honestly do with it? Other than admiring its meticulousness and precision of reenacting the chateau fight scene, and probably putting the Agent Smith action figure that I already owned into it for fun (“Mr. Anderson! Welcome to my humble abode. I hope you’re not surprised to see me.”), I could not come up with any other better answer.

Worst still, I was never a collector of action figures, so it would probably mean next to nothing should I answer that I collect them.

I do not care, anyway. I am going to add that to my ‘collection’. When the time comes. And when the price is lower than RM120.

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