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I could sail to the moon.

I could sail to the moon.

I hope I am not the only one who finds fascination out of thunderstorms. Not all thunderstorms; just today’s, in particular. It is a rather rare affair, actually, considering that I am now far out in the Malaysian ‘desert’. My parents tend to ask every week, “Didn’t it rain there?” and I usually answer with a resounding “No, but I wish it did,” because it can get really hot here. The black clouds, if any, would always get blown farther away. But today, they got blown back into the desert and unleashed a thunderstorm – and it looked more like 7pm when it was, in fact, approximately four hours earlier. I noticed the various status messages others put on their Yahoo! Messengers: “It rained cats, dogs, and pigs!”, “Thunderstorms.. scary!”. It led me to wonder if anyone even bothered to switch off their computers.

The eerie howling of the wind; the thick, big drops of water splatting on the window; trees swaying around dangerously, green leaves getting torn off the branches. Car alarms, wipers sweeping the windscreen furiously. People rushing for cover; one held on fast to his umbrella but I doubt it did him any good against the rain. The clouds glided quickly across the sky, as if it were an ice-skating rink. I did not switch on the lights, so the room was enveloped in darkness. My roommate came in twice and I detected a sort of an odd look on her face. Probably I looked like a ghost to her then. You know, it is supposedly that time of the year again, when spirits freely roam. I was feeling quite jumpy myself at the creepy sounds of the wind in my ears, and my eyes would scout the room every now and then.

I guess that is what goes on in your mind when you are hit with a strong sense of boredom. You tend to get imaginative, but then you realise some things are impossible. Like how I would react if someone were to approach me one day and whisper, “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I will have to take you away.” “What are you talking about?” “You are the one person we need to manipulate the weather and produce coincidental events.” “Eh?!” Of course, then things have to turn to an abrupt end and your mind wanders elsewhere.

Well, other than that, I have been attempting to keep myself company by conquering regions in Rise of Nations. Due to a faulty CD which probably lead to a problematic installation of the game, I kept getting booted out right before I launch into battle. It can get really frustrating and annoying.

I am still counting the hours until I get home tomorrow. It gets wearisome with nothing to do, staring at blank walls, cursing at the game, lying on the bed but not drifting off to sleep.

On air now: Sometimes Jacks Rule The Realm, 311

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