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What makes me act the way I do.

What makes me act the way I do.

Of all presentations, I just had the most grilling one so far, yesterday. Grilling, not grueling, if you may notice. But then again, it probably was not so bad. Still, it was just.. grilling. In the sense that, the lecturer kept bombarding me with his questions, voicing his dissatisfaction towards my project. I replied with mild “Oh, okay”s in the beginning, but gradually began giving prompt responses to his questions on why I did what I did (“You should put this in white.”, “This is a wrong categorization.”) – to the extent that he somehow shot back, right out of the blue, with a “Are you trying to argue with me?”

Bells rang alarmingly in my head, and I answered “Huh? No, no!” At that very moment, I detected a look of triumph in his face, his eyes sparkled and he broke into a grin – but hey, looks can be deceiving. For all I know, he could not have truly meant it in jest – instead, he could be boiling deep down inside, at this insolent brute of a girl who seemed to be able to find ways to counter his words.

Needless to say, I was getting all jittery and resumed back to my meek self of responding with only quick nods and “Oh, okay”s. And wondering when it would all end (“Can I press the quit button now?”).

I knew the black cat that somehow got into our apartment had something to do about this. I woke up to the sounds of my roommate’s frantic shooing as she tried to get the cat out of the apartment at around six in the morning. I was simply too lazy to budge from my bed, the morning of the presentation day itself, preferring to instead drift back to slumber. Then, when I opened my eyes two hours later, there was a power trip. An hour later, I found myself in class, waiting with bated breath for my turn to present that ‘problematic’ project of mine, as I witnessed the other students getting ‘attacked’ by the lecturer’s criticism as well.

Oh well, everyone has their bad mornings every once in a while, I suppose.

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