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Uhuh, uhuh.

Uhuh, uhuh.

From the radio:
I have not been tuning in to the radio for a very long time, and I was afraid I might have been missing out on a lot of good songs. Apparently not, for the stations are still playing the same songs every day, every hour. To top it off, I heard a new song about – horrors of horrors – fast food restaurants. Whatever possessed these people to sing about Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds, I have no idea – maybe the lure of good money. Not long after that, there was a song with the lyrics shake your booty, shake your booty which seemed to loop infinitely. Shudder.

From the newspapers:
So there has been a major arrest of a terror mastermind. Various countries seemed to be involved in a tug-o-war of sorts – “We want to question him!” “Give ‘im to us!” “Hand him over now!”. Different papers from around the world give contradictory reports as well – “He is currently in Indonesia” “No, he is being detained by US authorities”. On one hand, terrorism is a serious issue that needs to be addressed quickly, of course – but I am afraid it sounds almost amusing to have the countries fighting over him.

From the television:
As always, with the Merdeka spirit, we tend to get rather emotional and touched by the advertisements churned out to the masses – in monochrome colours of black and white, reminding us of the hardship and efforts done to achieve the country’s independence. It is always inspiring to watch these advertisements – particularly the ones from Petronas, which, if I am not mistaken, are produced by the world renowned advertising firm Leo Burnett – because the message always gets to its viewers. If anything, I quite enjoy watching some of our local advertisements (Sentul West and Astro’s come to mind). But including foreign ones would be better, too, creating a sense of friendly competition.

From my window:
Tractors demolishing the nearby squatter houses, which has been emptied for a few months. Evidently, its residents have been moved to a better location, and the town council is left to clean up after them. I remember how the Malay kids from the squatter houses used to pester my family and I for mangoes from our trees – and happily helping themselves to the fruits although we did not give our consent. Nevertheless, they would climb over the fence, and begin to scale up our trees with no regards to their safety – or if they ever heard of the terms ‘stealing’ and ‘trespassing’. I wonder if I should say good riddance.
Now you see...

And now you don't.

An interesting week ahead, perhaps? Hmm. I will go back to conquering my own little world in Rise of Nations. And studying for my examinations these two weeks.

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