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My smile will not mislead you.

My smile will not mislead you.

Life has been full of written tests and examinations. I had the last paper for the trimester today, and my head still feels as though it would explode. Anyhow, I hereby declare that I absolutely loathe those fill-in-the-blanks type of questions – because you would always need to try to guess what the question actually wants for an answer, always in that vague sort of way, which would undoubtedly make you read the question for the umpteenth time and think of the correct word or phrase as a solution.

In a way, it reminds me of the oft-talked about issue about the local Moral studies, which might eventually make way to something new cooked up by the Ministry of Education – Civics and Citizenship. At first glance, it reminds me of the real time strategy games I play frequently – particularly Rise of Nations and Age of Empires. But that will be another story altogether.

I am sure that all of us have our own methods to absorbing notes in preparation for an examination. But I do not believe I have actually come across people who read aloud their notes, as though they were reporting the latest updates and news on the television or radio. Of course, I am aware that some of us do need to do that in order to have the information permanently imprinted in the brain, and I am not in any way against that – but still, it was a rather fresh experience (for me, that is) to have others doing that near you.

My housemates, for instance. I was rather alarmed to hear some monotonous conversation going on – until I realised that my roommate was talking only to herself. And to top it off, it sounded as though she were meditating. On another ocassion, a housemate was rambling on and on about some technical stuff, all the while reading from her monitor screen, attempting to remember the information and facts. All this, while I am in my own room with the door closed; while they are doing their revision out in the living room. It actually got quite maddening for a while, because I could not stand those unintelligible mumblings that seemed to go on forever – and I was not in the mood to put on a pair of headphones – so it was my fault, really. There was not any other alternative to drown out the sound – I considered pulling a blanket or a pillow over my head, but I thought I did not want to suffocate and end up not turning up for the test. Of course, I was finding it rather irritating because I prefer to study my notes either with or without the presence of music – but incessant mutterings are just plain no-no.

As a sidenote, a friend told me to go see a shrink. It actually sounds amusing, but I wonder how more ‘wrong’ could I go. After all, I turned down not only one, but two lunch invitations for today.

But it sure is good to be back home. Books to reread, games to play. Although I have been told to get a job.

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