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Home is where the heart is.

Home is where the heart is.

Flip over the colourful and brightly-lit smiles of multi-racial individuals printed advertisments on the newspapers. Laugh or cry along with the emotional and funny commercials on the television. One thing for sure is that the message always reaches out, gets across to its viewers – reminding us of how far we have come since then. Independence achieved forty six years ago. Development, changes, advancements, achievements. The least we can do is to show our utmost appreciation towards what we have today.

I have to admit that I was irked by the apparent jingoism one would be associated with, when it comes to flying the flag – the Jalur Gemilang. I never can understand how would one be able to concentrate on the road, with the many distracting miniature flags whipping around furiously around the car save for the windscreen itself. Sometimes the simplest efforts can show and display a greater significance. Flying the flag is one of the things which may actually mean small and little, but its meaning is no doubt evident – that we are proud to be who we are today.

We may have the oddest entries in the Malaysian Book of Records. A rigorous Censorship Board hard at work. Unsmiling and tidak apa attitudes from people from the streets. Crimes and misconducts, which most of us have come to accept as part of what happens in a developing nation.

But beneath it all, there are always some caring and good Samaritans to lend a helping hand. We have wonderful weather, and disaster-free at that too. Beautiful blue skies and glorious sunsets. Good food, which almost always become a major topic of conversation among the locals. And most importantly, people from different races and nations living together in peace and harmony, speaking myriad languages and accepting one another.

But we have truly come a long, long way since then, as I turn over the pages of the newspaper and its special Merdeka editions today, enough to illustrate the national progress and improvements that have no doubt made a noteworthy impact on the nation.

Have a happy 46th, Malaysia. As I listen to the sounds of fireworks and distant cheerings as the clock struck midnight, I knew then that there is no place else to be at, but home. This is home. Where else would you want to be?


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