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Fragments in cyberspace.

Fragments in cyberspace.

My brother and I had a brief walk to the pasar malam (night market). The crowd was moving slowly. Hawkers were yelling at the top of their voices, attracting attention and potential customers. Various items, ranging from fruits to fly swatters were on sale. We saw also a few pirated VCD vendors and their goods, proudly displayed on the tables. Despite the current national crackdown on pirated discs, there would still be shoppers nonchalantly browsing through the pirated discs available; which was why the vendors would always still be here and there. The demand is always available. However, after my brother and I emerged from a supermarket less than ten minutes later, strolling back to where the pirated VCD vendors were, we were greeted with a few overturned tables and some empty plastic bags. Apparently, the vendors had escaped in haste, although they still managed to get away with their goods. We did not come across any enforcement officials, though.


I think the dreams I had lately have been very much influenced from the television. The other day, I dreamt I was in the Amazing Race – and instead of competing in pairs, I was in a big group, consisting of probably ten people. Some of us were running around in circles, literally – and I knew we did not win the cool million bucks. Someone else did, and I had stared daggers at him – because, in real life, he has always excelled in pretty much everything he did. Hmph. The other dream was ‘inspired’ from the vampire series, Angel. But I do not think I want to discuss that…

And at the very same night after I wrote about stumbling upon an old friend’s photo gallery (read: previous entry dated September 5, 2003), I dreamt about him, and the other guy we used to hang out with. Only that he had asthma, and we never knew.


I have made a decision to ditch the fancy designs and layouts I have already made for Rantglass. I am going to stick to clean and simple ones the next time around. Another frustrating note is that Pixelglass is not progressing the way I had expected it to. But then again, I have only myself to blame.


Movies to watch within the next two weeks:
1) Pirates of the Caribbean
2) The League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen
3) Bruce Almighty

That is the cue for me to bang my head on the wall.

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