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Drawing to an end.

Drawing to an end.

I would love to indulge myself in those ice cream, no doubt – unfortunately, they do not belong to me. In fact, I have not even tried them before – and to top it off, there are two cups of each flavour (Strawberry, and New York Super Fudge Chunk) in the freezer, making a grand total of four. We never purchase ice cream of these brands – Ben and Jerry, and Haagen Daz – due to the price, which, I believe, could go up to as high as RM25 per cup. And so it was, that these four expensive cups of ice cream found its way to our freezer as someone’s birthday gift. Of course, I am making the assumption that these ice cream have to taste good – because, heck, I would have easily bought myself about four boxes of locally made Nestle ice cream with the same amount of money.

Shark’s fin. Bird’s nest. These are supposedly hard-to-get health food; yet many people are do not mind forking out a large sum of money to get it. It comes with the perception that it has to be good – oh, because probably a fishermen had a near-death experience in ‘coaxing’ a shark into his fishing net – or that along the way, someone overcame his fear of heights to get some poor bird’s sticky nest. People are taking risks and putting their lives in danger to sell these type of foodstuff – thus the sky-high prices. Still, what makes people place their money on the counters willingly for it?

Simply because if it is expensive, then it has to be good. Or because it is good, then it has to be expensive?

Then again, I am inclined to think that locally made ice cream do not taste as good as imported ones. Probably it is a bad habit of mine, or just some plain stereotyping – but I would willingly treat myself to some Tip Top or Bulla ice cream on a hot, sunny day – a 2 litre tub costs about RM10. Whenever the family goes for a holiday overseas, we would buy a generous number of chocolates to last for a considerable time. There is always that distinct difference between local and imported foodstuff.

Speaking of which, Tuesday is Earthquake Day at Swensen’s. But I will not be going there anymore – not after I bumped into two ex-classmates on my two previous trips. If only they do take-aways for ice cream. Heck, all this ice cream talk makes me hungry – but I assure you I am not an ice cream junkie. I am just a, uh.. hm.

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