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Drive away to Malibu.

Drive away to Malibu.

As the three-week break draws to a close and the start of a new trimester in university beckons, I find myself thinking a lot and wondering what to expect during the next two months. It will be a short trimester, but it would mean hectic schedules, lots of work, unidentified achievements and other various problems, as always.

Amongst my many thoughts:
- resigning from my position in the university’s publication board;
- to be all geared up for more deadly group assignments;
- to survive long hours of computer modeling and animation classes;
- do I really need to dress up for a potential trip to the Petronas Philharmonic Hall;
- to finally overcome my fear of driving;
- hoping that the UPS would not beep too loud during the frequent power trips in uni.

And thinking back, I have done absolutely nothing productive during the holidays; I might as well have fermented and turn into a button mushroom. Except that mushrooms do not conquer nations in Rise of Nations, of course. I am not an avid gamer, but sometimes it is just so difficult to stop thinking strategies and send a number of Manchu infantry and main battle tanks to take over Constantinople.

As it is, I am getting paranoid over the amount of hours spent on the computer just to play the game, and have resorted to reading up materials from the Internet regarding ways to improve one’s eyesight. Thus, I have begun a series of eye exercises of my own and have been diligently working on the suggestions, excluding one that includes yoga, because I do not fancy muttering to myself to have a perfect 20/20 vision everyday. It is still a tad bit early to tell the results, of course – but I am hoping that I do not have to wake up to one apparently fine sunny morning still enveloped in absolute blackness.

Is there any good food that will aid one’s eyesight? I detest carrots, and I could not find any signs of bilberry locally as recommended by health websites online. Laser surgery is said to be risky, so it should be a definite no-no. I would rather be sticking to my glasses for the rest of my life than having to grope and fumble around with a stick.

Survivor 7 is on tonight, mateys. Ye be not a lubber and miss it. Arrr!

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