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I want to breathe in the open wind.

I want to breathe in the open wind.

I have this nagging feeling that this week is going to be an agonizingly sluggish one. When that happens, you would either resign to your fate, or attempt to make the best out of it. Seize the day, they may say. But how much can you really achieve from it, if you are simply not strong enough to embrace that popular saying? I know I am not, and I would not be surprised should people say they notice a black ominous cloud hovering over my head for the rest of the week. I foresee extremely brief classes, teasings over my horrendous haircut, tremendously long boring hours, and probably a few interesting and out-of-the-blue twists. That sets the glass as half empty now, does it not?

Watching two rather thought-provoking movies back to back was not a very good idea as well, for it left me with a rather confused mind and a number of questions. At least I have previously read the book to eXistenZ first before watching the movie last night. Actually, it was not made to be confusing; rather, I found myself constantly searching for details from the book version and comparing them to the movie. That is always the problem with movies that are adapted from books, or vice versa. I do think that the gooey and disgusting stuff from eXistenZ are best seen with our very own eyes than imagining it from the book. Oh well, it probably was a badly written book at that too. Then there are some things that are best explained by bringing it into life, into movies. How would you have imagined Neo dodging bullets, and envisioning it in bullet-time, even?

Then again, I went “But Aragorn didn’t go over any cliff!” but probably so did everybody else who have read the trilogy. Sometimes it could be difficult to stay so true to a book. I think the future Harry Potter movies will stray even more, given the length of pages that seem to increase as the boy-wizard grows up. Unless Hollywood is starting a hacking-movie-into-two trend, which has already been done by the Wachowskis, and soon to be continued by Tarantino next.

The other movie I watched last night was Vanilla Sky. I did not get to watch it from the beginning, and switching channels in-between further served to puzzle me more of its story. Somehow I always associate this movie with Waking Life, which I have yet to watch, too.

Anyhow, I failed to keep up with my movie marathon that was supposed to happen during the trimester break. I ended up not going to the cinema at all. But I believe I will be kept busy in November and December. Well, the countdown has to continue. 44 days to the revolution. Not a very nice number, but it will have to do.

On air now: Losing A Whole Year, Third Eye Blind

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