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Things may not be as they were.

Things may not be as they were.

There are times when things move oh so slowly, it becomes a sort of pain altogether. You wonder if you should just go ahead and crawl into bed, and risk being called a maniac for sleeping too early. Or just plain listen to the musical croaking of a couple of frogs from the nearby drain. Carefully contemplate potential tasks to keep yourself company, and to help pass the time. Heave a sigh, and accept the expected. There is no way out of this, except to play along, and stare dejectedly at the leisurely movements of the hands of my watch.

Time has a way of playing tricks on us. There are moments when you feel that time has passed by so quickly, that you need to pause, sometimes reminisce, but always to continue. Then there are the other moments when time goes by sluggishly, that you are painfully aware of every breath you take, the idle twirling of a strand of hair with your finger. Time never moves in whatever speed you would want it to; there is simply no remote control for it, and a simple snap of your fingers will do it nothing.

But if given the power to change the speed of time as you wish, would you really want to? Or would you rather stick to the rather cliched term of turning back time instead?

I was flipping through my primary school yearbooks last weekend. Surprisingly enough, I can still remember names and identify fellow classmates from almost a decade ago, just by looking at the class photos. Sitting on chairs, feet barely reaching the ground. Innocent looking faces with sincere smiles. The candid shots and witty captions that came with it. Where have they all gone to? I am by no means interested in getting myself involved in Friendster; still, the curiosity persists. It was already enough having to dream about school again that night.

It has been such a long, long day today. Tomorrow will not be any better, nor different. And this sudden craving I have for Ribena is not helping at all. Darn it.

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