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Give me a hammer and I'll show you...

Give me a hammer and I’ll show you how it works.

It took me a while before I registered the annoying noise. And I have now developed an extreme hatred for it.

Stupid car alarms that just would not stop, doubling up as an alarm clock as you turn over unwillingly in bed, blinking confusedly to the blue morning sky. Your eyes stray the number of cars lined up at the car park, detecting signs of flashing lights to see the one car that was causing all the ruckus.

So having a car alarm ringing for a while is one thing. Having it unleash its unmerry monotonous music for the next three hours, on and off, is just plain tiring and frustratingly irritating. The owner was nowhere in sight; either that, or the owner just could not be bothered, and preferred to linger in the realm of unawareness. I found a very strange pattern to the car alarm of this particular four-wheeled vehicle. It could well pass off as extraordinary, but I was not in the mood for amazing wonders and discoveries. Heck, it was probably how car alarms work, and I was, of course, blissfully ignorant about mechanics and all.

Apparently, the car alarm would begin ringing incessantly when the glaring morning sun shines onto it. However, when the sun hides behind the clouds, there would be silence, save for the gentle rustling of leaves from the nearby trees, topped with the ocassional chirping of birds. The car alarm would cease, a moment’s respite from the unnecessary infuriating buzzing.

Well, it was quite cloudy this morning.

I was so tempted to pelt the car with rotten eggs – except that I do not have any. How I wished I could quest out to the birds and have them help me ‘decorate’ the car as well. Or just have it explode into a thousand burning pieces. But then again, I can be quite tolerant at times – so that would probably explain how I managed to restrain myself from shouting for the owner and flinging him or her onto the car upon making an appearance.

That is it. I just know that locally produced cars tend to have a flaw or two somewhere.

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