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Seven hours.

Seven hours.

I had actually written two entries meant to be published here. In the end, I just could not – and I do not really know why. Still, nothing much has happened lately. I read. I attempt to catch Speed of Sound on the radio. I scour the recruitment pages. I go to job interviews, then sit and wait in anticipation, and in the course of all that, get headaches while trying to make decisions.

I made a rash decision the other day. I still could not believe I did that. Rash decisions do not necessarily mean bad decisions, however. Eyes would pop out of their sockets if I were to tell what I did. That warrants a story, but at another time, maybe.

But hey: I bet that is nothing compared to what goes on in the mind of Monty Brogan. I have just finished the book, and realised that the movie version to it was released three years ago. With Edward Norton and Spike Lee at the helm, did it go wrong? Judging from the favourable reviews, I guess it did not.

Well, I start work next week.

There will be no shiny floors, subsidized meals, free parking spots or trying to focus on one out of the sixteen television screens strategically placed at the lobby to impress fellow visitors. No more “Is that who I think it is?” as we spy a celebrity or two seated at the far corners of the office cafe, hands waving animatedly as they indulge in conversations of their own. I have to consider myself fortunate enough to have been a part of that, although it was only for a short period of fourteen weeks. I suppose industrial training is always better than being cooped up in the room working on endless streams of assignments and test papers.

Real life, however, is not always that smooth. Sometimes I wish I could go back there, but I know that I cannot. At a later time, perhaps.

“Can you start work on Monday?”

This is a new place, but I think I can. Can I, really? I am not well prepared. Is this normal? Should I heave a sigh of relief that I am no longer an unemployed graduate (even if it is only for a month)? Am I asking too much? Does this work?

Questions. All this may or may not be answered in the months to come. I am thankful, however, for the offers that have come my way. The only thing left to do now, is to make the best out of it.

And that, I intend to do.

Besides, it is not everyday one gets interviewed by a fellow blogger for a job. He probably does not know about this yet, but I think he will, sooner or later.

The Internet is never a good place to keep secrets.

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