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Why do I see blue skies?

Why do I see blue skies?

Lately I have been wishing that our ears can be equipped with something similar to a remote control – but having only an option to switch off the annoying sounds we hear everyday. We need a mute button. Good riddance to drivers who have a maniacal tendency to honk long and loud at every given opportunity, screeching and banging noises from construction sites, neighbours who turn up the volume to Hindi songs long past midnight, and even the infuriating car alarms that goes on incessantly for two hours or so.

This morning, I awoke from my slumber to the cracking sounds of plastic bags. I was buried under my blanket – yes, although I am aware that it is a bad habit to sleep in such a way, all covered up from head to toe – and trying desperately to drown out the noise by pressing my pillow hard to my ears. It turned out that my roommate was packing up for a vacation, and I presumed that she was stuffing her clothes into well, plastic bags. I could not be bothered to take a peek from under my blankets, for I was already feeling mounting frustration.

Try crumpling and scrunching up a plastic bag while holding it close to your ears for about half an hour, and you will know what I mean.

I managed to successfully get back to sleep an hour later, and was rewarded with lucid dreams. Sigh.

I have already been in a generally bad mood for the whole of this week. Two days with absolutely no classes at all, and was still mentally debating as to whether there will be a two-hour class earlier today. I would have already jetted off to home by Wednesday if I knew for sure there would not be any classes. However, it is the uncertainties and vagueness that drive me mad. Typical of a first week of the start of the new trimester. I hate waiting until class only to find a printed paper pasted on the door announcing that “Class has been cancelled” in big bold letters. I do not like to waste other people’s time; neither do I like having my time wasted. If people could only learn.

And somehow, I am always the last person to know everything.

Whee!The things that brighten me up for the week is the official release of TV spots and theatrical trailer to the final installment to the Matrix movies. And now, 39 days to the Revolution.

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