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Building up the momentum.

Building up the momentum.

Some people choose to say that crying is for wimps. I do not know how they managed to control their emotions; probably they have their feelings all bottled up and corked but it could never be thrown into the deep blue sea to be floated away, could it? They can either just explode one day and find themselves in a mental asylum, or unleash some unintelligible gibberish and still find themselves waking up one day in a mental asylum. Some people burst into tears and cry at the slightest things; others can prove to be quite strong individuals, and the tears will flow only when they could not hold it in anymore, preferring to sniff and sob in the darkness.

So when is it the right time to cry? Or rather, when should you cry, and when not? Then again, who is to say when we can shed some tears? Can crying be a form of therapy as well? Does crying really help make people feel better? Of course, none of us would like others to see our flaws and weakness – and not especially to burst into tears in public. You would either get sympathetic looks, or a teasing grin or two from curious onlookers. And it does not just stop there, because you would then have to walk away with swollen eyes and probably a red puffy nose as well.

I was wondering if I was being stupid, for crying for almost the whole of Sunday. I hate it when I realise that I can get so vulnerable at times. I know I am not as strong as others, but I did not know that I can be that weak too. Heck, I felt tears welling in my eyes when I watch sad or touching movies. On other occasions, there has been a couple of times when I managed to turn away, think happy thoughts and successfully let it pass.

Sometimes it can just be too hard to stop the tears from flowing. Probably we should just let it be, then.

And if you do not know it yet – the Matrix Revolutions zero hour global premiere has been confirmed – meaning that the movie will be released worldwide simultaneously, at the very same date and time, so it matters not where you are. If things go smoothly (read: our local censorship board) then the first viewing of the movie here in Malaysia would be November 5th, at 10pm (exceptions given to special previews and the likes, of course).

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