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So who laughs the loudest and longest now?

So who laughs the loudest and longest now?

I thought those days of having to work on my assignments again and again were long gone and buried behind me. I thought I was treading into safer territory. I thought I would never have to challenge myself to look into Lecturer A’s eyes again.

It was not to be, however. I found out that Lecturer A has just been transferred to my majoring department and is currently wreaking minor havoc among the final year students by doing what he does best – rejecting students’ work during submission day. My dreams of getting good grades and graduating – should we say, peacefully, and heart-attack-free – is marred by this startled discovery.

As always, I am the last to know everything. Apparently a handful of students have already known about this, probably weeks earlier. How did I stumble upon this distressing news? A few of my coursemates confronted me, asking for confirmation about it – and I could only mumble haltingly in confusion, having not heard any prior information regarding this. To top it off, there was also the fact that I was replying to them in sentences laden with three different languages, so you could imagine the looks of bewilderment plastered on the faces, but I just could not help it. It was probably the most muddled piece of conversation I have ever had.

It usually happens when people ask me questions in Mandarin. Being a poor speaker of the language, I constantly find myself searching for the right words, and usually fail at it – thus resorting to switching back to English and occassionally, Cantonese as well. That was how the unhealthy mixture of three languages came about.

And when they were done, they even smiled, addressing me by name after a word of thanks. I returned their smile, then immediately turned back to staring hard at my shoes. They are my coursemates, so it is only natural that they know my name. But I do not know theirs. You know what is more amazing? I do not even know one of my housemate’s name, after having lived together for almost five months now.


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