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Five days, all over again.

Five days, all over again.

I dropped by the recently opened Berjaya Times Square today. Still quite a large number of vacant lots, and the theme parks were only partly opened to the public. Shopping mall, theme parks, offices, hotel – all combined into a giant of a building located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Is it just me, or are there just too many shopping malls in the city? I have not even walked from one end of Mid Valley Megamall to the other; nor ventured to its highest floor.

The only thing I am looking forward to is the IMAX theatre, which, unfortunately, will only be opened in March 2004. Am not sure if it is going to be an IMAX Dome, though. But it will surely be an experience to watch some great movies in IMAX.

Random observations regarding the entertainment scene:

- Fran Healy has ditched his Mohawk-styled hair and now sports a new (or old?) look – I thought he looked like a cross between a long-haired Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. And no, I have not watched the movie. However, I have begun to imagine how Chris Martin would look like with more hair on his head… 12 Memories should be another good album, though.
- Billy Talent sounds a lot like the sadly now-defunct At The Drive-In – in fact, their latest single reminded me of one of the latter’s songs. Or is it simply that punk rock bands all sound the same?
- Dashboard Confessional sounds a bit too slow for me. Sigh. Or that it needs more time to grow in you.
- New stuff from Fuel too. Whee!
- Underworld (with its apparently obvious resemblance to White Wolf’s World of Darkness) has been banned in Malaysia.
- A number of foreign musicians dropping by and having to deal with certain rules and minor protests – Linkin Park (Linkin Park rockers told: ‘No sex please, we’re Malaysian’), Craig David (Health group�s plea to British pop star)
- 30 days until Matrix Revolutions. And thus the worry if it will hit the screens here begins, after the latest stint from the local censorship board.

It looks like it is going to be another busy yet boring week ahead.

On air now: Morning Calls, Dashboard Confessional

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