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Two wrongs don't make a right tonight.

Two wrongs don’t make a right tonight.

When we were younger, we wanted to be so many things. No, I am not saying that we wanted to be a teapot or a gingerbread man. We thought of taking up jobs and becoming someone that would help contribute to the society as a whole. And now that we are all grown up, we could still have trouble deciding who we want to be.

Remember the little talk you may have with your class teacher every year, back in school, while she flips through a green card and proceeds to have you list down the three choices – of your occupation and profession that you would venture into?

Well, I remember when I was in Standard One, I had a look at the green card and asked a friend what a jurutera (engineer) was. I had no idea why my class teacher wrote that, without asking me of my three choices (I forgot the other two). I think she was letting her imagination running away with her. Probably she was not taking a bunch of seven-year-old kids seriously. I do not think I would have given it a thought, either. It could be that we were too young to bother thinking of our future yet – how would we know if being a nurse would actually be cooler than being a doctor stalking the white corridors with a stethoscope? Or that being a teacher could actually be a nightmare for many, to mark an endless amount of books, and to lose your voice after repeating a few hours’ of history facts in five classes in one day?

For almost five years, I wanted to be a nurse and an author. The third choice varied – from entering the police force to simply joining the teaching staff. Then, after I heard that doctors actually get a much better pay than nurses, I switched to writing ‘doctor’ in one of the blanks, ditching thoughts of wanting to be a nurse. Then there were ‘architect’, ‘accountant’, ‘dentist’, ‘businesswoman’, and ‘artist’ in the green card as well.

Things changed upon enrolling in high school. We began to ponder carefully, and chose accordingly, placing priorities in our future and our interests. Of course, we hope to enjoy what we will eventually be, to love what we will do for a living. Designing was never really a strong option. I was not sure which field of designing I would go for, albeit having been regularly writing the words ‘interior designer’ on the green card. What could be even more ridiculous, was the fact that I continued putting ‘author’ in one of the blanks – probably for ten years – and heck, look at my fading grasp of the English language today.

Still, upon graduation from high school, I was at a crossroads – to enroll in a design course, or to jump onto the IT bandwagon. I had decided on the former, and have been studying design for more than two years now. And now, I can not help but wonder if in the future, I would do an about-turn and find myself with a hot mug of coffee by my side, doing Java programming for an IT-related company – or just plain asking around if anyone wants another cup of tea to go with their French croissants.

But then again, we can never be sure what the future has in store for us. Yet how far have we strayed from our dreams?

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