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Bring the weather with you.

Bring the weather with you.

I thought that the campus would be rendered nearly deserted yesterday, but it was not as bad as I thought – there were actually still some poor souls like me treating it as another ordinary day. People were writing about it online, whether in blogs or by simply putting it as their status message in Yahoo! Messenger. The three local discussion forums I frequent had threads dedicated to it as well.

Well, I am referring to the Linkin Park concert held in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, proudly described as the band’s only concert venue in South East Asia. I am glad that despite the rules imposed upon them due to claims from a certain religious opposition party that it would ‘erode morals’, things went fine, and those who attended the gig certainly enjoyed themselves.

I mean, how could we appreciate rock music by merely sitting down quietly, still as a mouse and not giving even a squeak? When you see musicians rocking onstage, totally absorbed by their own music, you would no doubt feel the need to rise and get yourself into the music as well. But there would always be some security guards doing their patrols, waving their sticks and yelling at you to make full use of your seat.

Back in 1998, I had the opportunity of seeing my then favourite band (well, Savage Garden is now defunct) performing live locally. I thought the concert started slowly because the fans were not warmed up yet – however, not long after that, people were already standing on their chairs, moving and singing along to the music. Of course, my view of the stage was disrupted as this point, and it was not fun playing hide and seek with both Darren and Daniel. I climbed onto my chair and continued to be captivated by the music for a while until two security guards came by to wave us down onto the ground.

And to think that I actually followed their instructions for one, two, three times.. until I realised it was pointless to spend the night just by climbing on and off my seat, when I could instead make it a night to remember by enjoying the music, this chance of a lifetime. The security guards still came by, but no one paid attention to them anymore.

Then I went home happily with a sore throat, and could barely tell my classmates how much fun it was when I met them in school the next day.

Point is, some bands are meant to make music their way, and some music are meant to be appreciated in certain ways. Who is to dictate that they should morph into something else, something they are not, upon setting foot on Malaysian soil? And even more so, why should they tell us how to enjoy music?

People are saying that yesterday’s concert had opened the doors and will hopefully encourage more bands to drop by for a gig or two. You know, really good bands like Coldplay and Travis performing together, instead of always the same old ones like, uh, Westlife, Blue, and Cheeky Girls.

I still wonder how it will be like, though, to sit through a two-hour concert listening to music – classical music, that is – and that is what I will be doing on Saturday.

Lastly, I love John Mayer. Eek. And I really need to get my CDs-to-buy list updated.

On air now: New Deep, John Mayer

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