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I think having a job with considerably strange working hours has decreased my will to write here. I usually write at nights – but having to come home late after braving the horrific traffic situation in the city puts a damper to it (besides, I would also be feeling somewhat lazy to write anything).

Work has been quite exciting. The workplace is a hive of activity. It was abuzz with the Kylie news yesterday.

“We’ll put Kylie on the front page for tomorrow!”
“Can we, really?”
“What’s all this about Kylie?”

I am not sure if I would want to do this for the rest of my life. The perks are little: measly pay, having to work on public holidays, and dare I reiterate – the strange working hours that is neither here nor there. It leaves me hanging in the middle, and obviously, I have not gotten used to it yet.

And the fact that I am doing something that is not completely relevant to what I went to university for. I am not applying what I have learned into my current job. That means slowly but surely, I am going to forget everything I had studied. All the Lingo scriptings, various software commands and hotkeys… they will be erased from my mind, and should I choose to venture into the design field again, I am going to have to start from scratch again.

I am learning a completely new trade here.

Still, the people here have been friendly, despite the fact that a majority of them are many years older than me.

“See, you might be devoid of a social life. The working hours are like that in this field. If you’ve got a boyfriend, you’d have to explain it to him,” said one of the sub-editors. Ha ha. Looks like I will not be getting that someone in my life that soon.

Yes, this sure needs some getting used to. Job-hopping is always an option should I receive better offers, but I will see how long I can last here…

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