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Countdown: 13 days.

Countdown: 13 days.

It is a wonder that I manage to find time to visit the many discussion forums I am a member of, every single day, without fail. Of course, I read a lot more than I post, and thus easily fall into the categorisation of a lurker. Recently, there has been a sprout in the number of discussion forums initiated by the students of the university I go to – student councils, clubs, and societies. I usually find myself cringing at the state of these forums, which are supposedly heavily populated by no one else but well, university students, of course.

Oh, the language they used! A horrible mixture of the English and the national language, doubled with the occassional and unhealthy dose of profanities that could either drive one up the wall, or just plain turn away from the screen. The complaints were done in an immature sort of way, and instead of politely voicing out their concerns, they preferred to scold and point the finger at the various parties involved. However, some of the complaints tend to be of much amusement to me (such as asking for help in getting rid of lizards in the washrooms), and it had turned into something as interesting as those Tell It To Big Bro or Dear Thelma columns.

Another thing I noticed is that in these discussion forums, things were hardly ever taken seriously, and often went off-topic. That, or they simply love to stray from the topic and participate in their own verbal fight in cyberspace – and when they do, it would take days and days to put an end to it, because neither party would willingly back down.

And goodness, they are already in their early twenties. I do not know what possessed them to tYpE lIkE tHiS and heck, it hurts my eyes. Whenever I see words being typed like that, I tend to get irked easily, and skip the whole paragraph after attempting to read the first few lines. I hope those people actually used some sort of script (it was possible to do that in mIRC) to produce such words instead of tormenting the shift or caps lock keys of their faithful keyboard.

I am just so frustrated that all this is happening in an institution of higher learning. I am not sure if there would be enough space for us all to cover our heads under the ground like an ostrich, should this matter be greatly publicized. How hard could it be, to type a full sentence correctly and courteously? Chances are that people tend not to pay attention to nonsensical words, but would very much appreciate and respond quickly to your needs if they do not have to strain their eyes while reading or waste their time to make sense of your words.

I believe I have actually written about this many moons ago, but I cannot help it when I think about the distinct difference between our local discussion forums, and the ones frequented by people around the world. It is quite a depressing issue, actually. Why can we not do it as best as they can?

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