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Countdown: 11 days.

Countdown: 11 days.

This one serves as a continuation of sorts from my previous entry, after I put much thought into it. Does it largely have to do with the issue of immaturity? I am talking about young adults, comprising of university students and graduates because I am suffering from some sort of allergy towards my university’s discussion boards:

TyPiNg LiKe ThIs – well, if four-year-old kids do that, I guess I can still accept and understand. However, there is absolutely no purpose or even an excuse for an adult to type like that. It will not make you a geek or anywhere close to being good in l33t 5p34k. If anything, it strains the eyes and leaves the reader fuming. Oh well, maybe just me, then.

Silly laughs – I cannot imagine anyone laughing ‘kekekekekeke’ or ‘kakakakaka’ in front of me. Can you, too? Is it even possible to automatically laugh like that? Perhaps someone could provide me with a simple demonstration of it. I guess no one is in the position to dictate how you should laugh in cyberspace. Just like, do you really go rolling on the floor when you type ROFL, and while we are at it: LMAO? Hm. Then again, I feel like I am doing some worthless nitpicking.

Calling of names, use of profanity, pointing fingers and blaming others – all this probably does not differ much from real life. But to see it typed in a discussion board with swear words and causing a heated exchange between two parties is just plain different. You would think that being grown-ups, they would put their requests into polite words, and not go around flooding the forums and repeatedly demanding for instant solutions.

I understand that a majority of the locals do not use English regularly, preferring to use their mother tongue instead. Also, not everyone can be master of a language, but I am begining to have doubts about the MUET, which is designed to assess a university student’s command of English. Probably a test is well, just a test, and it does nothing else after that. No efforts are made to make students buck up in the language once the examination is over. It is quite odd actually, considering that it is difficult to achieve a Band 6 (high distinction) in MUET.

They are not kids still trying to make sense of their lives, doodling on all the white walls, and hoping to get away with it. It is already time for them to step ahead, and to behave like adults. They are nearly reaching the big two-o, after spending almost two decades in this world. There should at least know of some basic forum etiquette, or is there simply no space left after stuffing the complicated mathematical equations and Java programming codes into their brains?

I think I should stop here, lest I step on someone else’s tail. After all, I have not been bestowed the most mature and ethical forum user in the world. I am just another ordinary person who looks forward to joining decent discussion forums. Except that I can rant about it on a website.

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