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Countdown: 9 days.

Countdown: 9 days.

I am getting the tingly sensations all over again whenever I hear and see the advertisments. And scoffing at the contest which offers a black jacket and a pair of Oakley sunglasses as the grand prize. Things could be better if they were to give away action figures.

I definitely want a Sentinel and an APU. Not to mention the 12-inch action figures of the main characters. Heck, I digress easily when it comes to matters relating to the Matrix.

Of course, contests being contests – and held over the radio airwaves as well – everyone stands a slim chance of winning, especially when the winner is chosen randomly. After all the mad scrambling to the telephone (and a handphone on the other), furious punching of numbers, and the inability to get through – you would feel as though you would want to bang your head against the wall repeatedly, plain rip your hair out, or attempt to bite the mouthpiece off; whichever suits you so.

I do not really like it when grand prize winners are picked randomly. That would have to depend largely on luck. Then again, you would be lucky to get through just to talk to the deejay and answer some easy questions through the phone. And it would have to be luck, again, to decide if you are the fifth or one-hundredth caller. It would be nice, for once, if a person wins the grand prize based on his or her ability, understanding and knowledge of the topic at hand.

Well, sometimes the most deserving ones do not win, something that I have noticed from watching the many reality game shows on television.

Just like how the bad guys always get away. Or that someone else gets the credit for something they did not do. And how the yellow flowers still bend over and wither, despite your many efforts to water and fuss over it.

I guess life is just like that.

In other news: Travis’ latest offering, 12 Memories, doesn’t seem to sound as playful as their previous efforts’. Not too sure if that is a good, or a bad thing.

And I seem to be getting myself all hyped up for nothing after noticing that Coldplay’s official website listed Malaysia on its ‘International’ page – the only Asian country in the list. I wonder what it means – is something good about to come our way?

For the eagle-eyed – yes, there was a mistake on the previous two entries – the darned countdown was not in GMT. However, the one on the top of this entry is – so: there is still nine days left to go, darn it – nine days!

On air now: Peace The Fuck Out, Travis

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