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Countdown: 6 days.

Countdown: 6 days.

I was suppose to post an entry up here yesterday, but it turned out that our port was blocked from the network department due to suspicions that one of our PCs was infected by the Blaster or Welchia worm. Oh well, I guess we cannot blame the network administrators – I know they are doing their best to rectify the situation and clean up the network.

It was plain irritating that the network connection was down twice this week – each downtime lasting for more than twelve hours. It feels even worse when you return from a laggy two-hour-long meeting, whereby no critical decisions were made – only to realise that only your port was blocked; while the other apartment residents were still happily watching the streaming television channels, or searching the net for useful information to work on their assignments.

Once you are stuck out here in this… desert, you certainly cannot go anywhere nor do anything else. Not without a car, of course. It seems that I have become highly dependent on the Internet once I am here. I was pondering heavily on having a go at Rise of Nations, but had to refrain from doing so – because once I start a campaign, I will have trouble in stopping the game, and might neglect any future academic activities. And sadly enough, I was not in the mood to work on my assignments either. I hate 3D animation, enough said.

So I am ashamed to report that I was doing some ridiculous things during the downtime – it was probably one of those times when you actually felt helpless and kept hoping for something good to happen. And hoping, hoping, and hoping.. but eventually you felt it would probably be best if you head to bed early than to stare at the screen, wishing that the little computer icon in the taskbar would give some continuous blinking, indicating that the network connection was up and running again.

But that never happened. I was trying to keep myself busy through my endless search and unearthing bombs in Minesweeper. I organised some files and deleted the unnecessary ones. I think the worst thing that I did was to actually select ‘Work Offline’ in my browser, and to pretend that I was surfing the net – however limited the number of pages that turn up on my screen could be, from the cached offline files. And for once, I actually took the pain to read every single word on the web logs and journals that I visited, instead of just scanning through the words like I usually do.

It is a sad, sad world without the Internet.

And it is just depressing to know that I have become so dependent on it.

I was feeling euphoric though, upon knowing that the Matrix action figures series 2 actually does include the Sentinel and an APU. The news was released only on Tuesday (October 28th), which was after my little rant on my previous entry. Talk about good timing! I am contemplating seriously on doing some freelancing work and have some income, just so that I could have a Matrix shrine at the corner of my room.

Then I could gaze in wonder at the striking resemblance of Neo doing a flying kick during the Chateau scene; of a soaked Agent Smith attempting a forceful punch in the rain; or of a brave Trinity falling seemingly into oblivion and still firing upwards and (trying to) riddling an Agent of bullets.

Or I could just be content with a Sentinel. I would really love that. I must really get my design portfolio Pixelglass up as soon as possible.

Dream on.

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