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Countdown: 5 days.

Countdown: 5 days.

This is terrible. I was reading non-spoiler reviews of the movie; yet, my eyes still managed to stray to below the page, where the spoilers were, and at the first sentence of the said spoiler-filled paragraph, I detected one horrible revelation of the movie. It was inevitable, and I had my suspicions that the evil-spoiler-thing would happen in the movie because it was already mentioned by the movie producer, Joel Silver himself – but other than that, there has not been any clear information about it, and I had been hoping that I had somehow misunderstood those words in the Silver article a few months ago.

I suppose the enjoyment of watching the movie has been marred somewhat, because I will be expecting and anticipating the evil-spoiler-thing to be played on the screen, right in front of my own eyes. The movie is the shortest of all three, clocking in at about 2 hours and 9 minutes. It could be even shorter, due to the meddling hands of the censorship board.

I cannot believe that I always get the spoilers, no matter how hard I try to stay away from them. The temptation is already hard to resist as it is, and I was already playing safe by reading some non-spoiler materials – but no – somehow, it just has to happen to me.

If you are already getting tired of my Matrix-induced talks lately, then I suggest you move on to somewhere else – like, a Barney website, or return to your regular blog reading – because nothing is going to stop me from talking about it for the next few weeks. Ever.

And I do mean it.

So kindly excuse me, while I go bang my head against the wall, now.

However, while I am on it – I wish Dr. Mahathir luck in his future endeavours. He has indeed proven himself to be a capable leader, catapulting the nation to various achievements and triumphs – and as he steps down from his post as the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia today, I cannot help but feel a tinge of sorrow. Then again, I believe he needs time for his family and personal interests, instead of regularly jetting off to various countries and having to juggle with tight schedules, long meetings, and talks. I have utmost respect for him, but I doubt words could ever express our gratitude for all that he has done for Malaysia. After all, what can you give in return, to the man who has been at the helm for a long 22 years, constantly pushing us into gear, and steering us to success?

I honestly do not mind the tributes, advertisments, and thank-yous that has been played on airwaves, and on the newspapers. It is only fitting for someone who has done so much for the country.

All the same; thank you, Dr. Mahathir.

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