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Countdown: 2 days.

Countdown: 2 days.

Yes, that is Trinity.Initially I wanted to recreate the cover for the Matrix comic book preview – but I failed, and miserably at that too. She turned out very different when I dabbled around in Illustrator – but, if anything, the certain inclination I have – to put a tiny red dot as the mouth, that is, has rendered her a bit.. harmless.

It is amazing to note the ongoing race for the tickets on Wednesday night, selling like hot cakes everywhere. Tickets have to be reserved in advance, seats booked a few days earlier.

Probably the most amazing question I would have to ask myself sooner or later, would be why am I not trying to be a part of history by watching the movie with people around the world, at exactly the same time? Then again, I have pretty much resigned to the fact that I will watch it two days later. But that is not exactly a satisfactory answer.

I have to admit that it gets on my nerves, though, when people hated the movie because of one reason – that it was boring. I do not know why, but of all the adjectives to describe the movie, that would have to be last on the list. Like, were you not paying attention to the movie, at all? The movie demands audience’s participation but heck, I guess there are some people out there who are a bit too lazy to keep their brains in motion. May I reiterate the fact that the movies are not made solely for your visual pleasure? Heck, to each his own, then.

I think I should just go back to watching a small army of tiny black ants carrying some sort of dead insect into their den located somewhere below the wooden tiles of my room.

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