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Countdown: 1 day.

Countdown: 1 day.

Reviews have been pouring in but they have not exactly turned out for the positive. I am blaming it on the ever-mounting expectations, because that is what we seem to do best.

“But we’ve seen it all before.” “The movie doesn’t break any new ground.” (from Rotten Tomatoes)

I wonder what do the reviewers want to see more of. Neo doing the superman thing in space, hovering next to Jupiter? Or that the Architect would step out and say, “Neo, I’m your father,” in an unexciting tone. But wait, that has been done before too.

Of discovery, life, and death.

I cannot be the only one who keeps reminding everyone out there that it is actually one movie separated into two.

Then again, I should reserve my judgement until I get the super duper box set and watch the two movies back to back (after watching the first one too, of course) in a mini Matrix marathon say, two years later. After all, they already have a Lord of the Rings movie marathon all planned out for next month. It leads me to wonder, though, why could they not do the same for the Matrix movies too?

At least Davin Arul could still give it a 3.5, as compared to the previous two movies to which he had given 4 out of 5 stars.

There will still be a hint of disappointment all the same; after all, there is nothing else to look forward to after this. There may be more comics in store, though. I remember back then, there were talks of doing an anime prequel to the Matrix – and it came in the form of The Second Renaissance, plus a number of other short stories that made up the Animatrix. The sequels they mentioned have been made and released for public viewing. However, it has been made clear that there will be no more Matrix projects by the Wachowskis. Even if there were, someone else will take over the helm, and I would have my doubts then – because it would never be the same.

Future Wachowski projects include:
King Conan, Crown of Iron (2005)
V for Vendetta

So. Let us head to Le Vrai this weekend, although the questions might still be left unanswered. But that is how things are.

On air now: Vampires Will Never Hurt You, My Chemical Romance

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