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Second week at work and already I am at the office today, despite the fact that it is a public holiday.

The skies are clear and blue, the weather warm and sunny. Few specks of clouds. It warrants another round of picture-taking, but the camera has been lying dormant for quite some time now. Besides, work beckons.


When will work not be work?

It will be the day when I need not drag myself out of bed, go to work, thinking woefully that it is yet another Monday. The beginning of a new week; the start of another forty odd hours stuck behind monitor screens, air-conditioners that seemingly blast air out from the North Pole, and dodging equally icy glares from the boss.

I have started telling people that I have no life.

The others, I heard, have been rather lackadaisical in their career search. Some are still bumming around, swatting flies and going on week-long vacations to congratulate themselves for being worthy graduates. Some are taking it real slow and easy, applying for jobs only when they feel like it. Some could still be attending job interviews, I presume. I have been lucky, so I should not be taking all this for granted.

Don’t think of the money.


Don’t think of the money!

But it is hard to not think about it. It is not a life and death situation, yet. I know I could have been able to command a higher pay should I stick to doing just design – but I have taken this path. Why do I still have to think about it? Who does not need money? Interest may not be enough to sustain you for the next few years. Or will it?

If you’re happy with what you’re doing now, it’s fine. It’s what you want, and like to do. Live with it.

Still, I am trying to discount the uncomfortable relevation that the streets are not lit up when I step out of the office at night.

Am I happy?

Time will tell.

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