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It is here. Now. Playing in theatres all around the world, simultaneously, and it does not matter if you have had to wake up at the wee hours of the morning to catch the 6am show in Los Angeles, or to stumble into the cinema at the ungodly hour of 3am after waiting in line in New Zealand. It really does not matter, because you will be a part of the millions of people around the world watching it right now, be it that a handful of fans could be dressed still in shades, dark trenchcoats, or leather suits, although Halloween has passed. You join the crowd in reaching eagerly into your popcorn while savouring the thick, code-like lines of poetic raindrops sprinkling onto Neo and Smith.

In a few hours’ time, the world will be divided into two groups – the one that has watched Matrix Revolutions during its zero hour premiere, and the one that has not.

And I, unfortunately, belong to the latter category.

So no spoilers please – until I watch it on Friday afternoon. Chances are, I might post a review and my thoughts about the movie that same night.

The last thing I needed tonight was to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. Amidst the well-wishes and merry banter, I still felt out of place. I did not really belong there. I should not even be there. I just wanted to be anyplace else but there. Of course, it would be better if I were in the cinema then. Nevertheless, I plastered a smile on my face and joined in the birthday song, while my brain eventually came up with a lame excuse (“I had uhm, something to do”) so that I could leave before the others dig into the cake and snacks, and I did.

It did not help that I have always hated birthday parties – heck, any party, if at all. Socialising and meeting people has never been something that I have enjoyed in the past. But having to celebrate something tonight is pure bad timing.

Wow, I wonder how more bitter can I go. I know I am going to have a lot of trouble tomorrow trying to avoid the spoiler-filled posts and tolerate the oohs and ahhs in the Matrix forums I go to daily.

What the heck am I doing here?

On air now: Morning Calls, Dashboard Confessional

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