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The itch that cannot be scratched.

The itch that cannot be scratched.

Time may be always against us, but the hours and minutes are passing way too slowly for me today. I lost count of the number of times I glanced at my watch for the past hour, each time realising that only five minutes or so had passed since I last checked.

People used to say that time seems to slow down particularly on rainy days. The brief evening shower earlier should not count. In fact, I barely even noticed the raindrops falling onto the ground.

I seem to be stuck in a time warp of my own. And so I ride atop a fire-breathing black dragon, going around in circles, on the horrible merry-go-round that churns out corny and pop-ish tunes. The whirligig exudes a multitute of bright colours, more than the seven normally seen in a rainbow. Riding past scary clowns squeezing balloons into some sort of animal, hopeful vendors that wave their goods up high in the air, and delicious pink cotton candy. Once, twice, thrice.

But I have always hated merry-go-rounds, no matter how attractive they could be.

When the hours drag on, so do days. If only the weekend could come any sooner. This is going to be one, long, week. It should be time for bed soon. To sleep the troubles away, they say – but I do not have any to begin with. The thousands of issues and concerns swimming through my head currently cannot be appropriately described as trouble, but rather, some sort of minor inconvenience that I can do without.

Really, why do we dig up all those unnecessary and unimportant thoughts, and let them bother our mind? It serves no purpose, yet you cannot make it go away. I have more than enough on my plate to handle; but the mind still freely wanders down memory lane, then up to the present, where I now exist. Being too contemplative and engrossed in questions that can never be answered, giving in to imagination and indulging in fantasies – it should be a good thing, I think – or is it not?

But what do I know? I have just made another pointless entry. It would be nice to wake up to another blue sky tomorrow.

On air now: Neodammerung, Don Davis

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