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Miles and miles away.

Miles and miles away.

To borrow a phrase from a friend – “I think I am close to frying my eyeballs out.”

While others can settle back and take a break before digging out the textbooks and revising for examinations next week, here I am, still clicking furiously in Photoshop and slaving through an assignment that carries more than fifty percent of my total points – which is to be passed up after the examinations. Screw this up, and I might as well have a CGPA that drops faster than the stock market during bad times. Not that I have not already screwed it up anyway, judging from the poor fifteen-second movie I had submitted earlier for my computer animation assignment.

Due to certain circumstances, I have been having morbid thoughts lately. It is really disturbing, and I cannot help but chide myself for thinking about death in general, and how it works. Possibly the only way to know that is to, well, say goodbye to the world now. When your time has come, then it has come. Time to leave everything behind, and proceed to hopefully a better place elsewhere. But what if it does not work that way? What if you just disappear into nothingness, and that is that?

Of course, we have our own religions and different beliefs – well, each to his own, then.

There could not be any way to avoid death, perhaps. Things like Final Destination only happens in movies.

Do we live to die?
Do we live, and die after fulfiling a purpose?

Some of us may not be that lucky. Some of us have ambitions yet to be achieved; words yet to be said; places yet to go; things yet to be seen. Still, some of us leave right there and then, all of a sudden, and you are left only to reiterate the fact that life is indeed, precious. Priceless and invaluable.

And I really do not want to go. Yet.

At times like these, it somehow sounds enlightening to listen to an odd combination consisting of rock bands (At The Drive-In, Trail of Dead) and enchanting mystical music (Matrix Revolutions soundtrack). If anything, I feel sort of elevated into a different level.

On air now: Dumb Waiters, The Mars Volta

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