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To stay busy or in ignorance.

To stay busy or in ignorance.

I have been feeling jittery lately, and I could not really put my mind into absorbing the pages and pages of notes in my wormy handwriting, in preparation for examinations this week. When that happens, you would know that you might face trouble in attempting the examination questions. Concentrate! Think! Memorise! But more often than not, the mind wanders and you would realise that you have been staring at the same word, on the same piece of paper, for approximately half an hour, with nothing useful going into the brain. At all. Look around, blink a few times, sigh, then chide yourself to remember at least something. The cycle, however, continues.

As I took over the wheel yesterday, I could not help but be extra careful and drove on with a speed akin to a snail’s pace. Then I looked on with disgust as a car swerved in and out dangerously, as if he were racing on the F1 track, with absolutely no respect and consideration to the other cars, who had to put on the brakes immediately or risk running straight into it.

I heard of three road accidents that occurred during the past week, two involving people that I know – one a mere acquaintance, another a relative. The cars involved were, well, not cars anymore, having been reduced into useless pieces of metal and steel from the impact. It is the rainy season, I believe, that is causing it all.

I would say that I have, in one way or another, been strongly affected by all this. I scare myself needlessly, uneasiness creeps in, my mind wanders continuously to the extreme depths of negativity and pessimism; and those are the only things that have been whirling around in my brain in an infinite loop for almost a week now. I am bothered; I fear, and I worry.

I still feel nervous whenever I am behind the wheel. However, with the rate things are happening lately, I feel as though I am beginning to develop a phobia for vehicles in general.

Stay safe, people. I think I need time to get back to normal.

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