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For ourselves, or for them.

For ourselves, or for them.

The frog stared around unblinkingly with its pair of beady eyes. Something seemed wrong somewhere. But all it could see was only the relatively tall green grass and some flower pots. It then detected a sudden movement from behind, and proceeded to steer clear out of danger with one powerful leap.

It was a tad bit late.

The snake strengthened its grip, attempting to kill the unfortunate frog. After a while, apparently satisfied with the now frail frog’s lack of movement, the snake slithered away onto the tar road and into the next garden to devour its victim.

It never got there.

As it struggled to remove the frog which was stuck halfway in its mouth, the snake could only hissed in anger as the stick descended one time, two times, a couple more, hitting its back again and again.

You become the hunter, or the hunted. You either make the first move, or let the snake go first. But both cannot shout a checkmate.

But in our case, getting rid of the snake was essential. It was a threat to the neighbourhood, to my family, to my cat. Why should we live in worry and concern, thinking of the snake every now and then, after having made a number of sudden appearances? Of course, the snake was merely finding food to survive.

Eliminating the danger is one of the ways to ensure our survival as well.

A few years back, there were also a few monkeys terrorising the neighbourhood. They would sneak into the other houses and steal a few packets of instant noodles, and leave it on the rooftops. Apparently trees were not enough, for they loved swinging on clotheslines and making away with clothes pegs as well. The monkeys would also pull the tails of the neighbour’s cats as a source of enjoyment and entertainment. After a while, apparently the neighbours were fed up with their regular visits because I saw an enforcement official shot down one of the monkeys. It was amazing how a rifle could generate such thundering sounds. Then there was the blood all over the place…

All this makes me think that I could be living in a jungle. Actually, I think we all are. It just is a different type of jungle.

On another note, I just realised that Keanu Reeves is on the cover of local magazine Galaxie this month. Might buy it soon. He looks so fine for a man approaching forty. Then there is my weakness for men like him. Am smitten. Oooh…

Damn. Have not felt like a fangirl for a long time.

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