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When you're feeling bitter and old.

When you’re feeling bitter and old.

I was enjoying the now almost monthly stroll with my mother at the night market when I heard someone complaining with much disdain behind me.

“Aiyoh, are you doing the catwalk? Hurry up and walk lah!”

I did not need to turn to see who he was referring to, not with me hearing the words so loud and clearly from right behind me. Needless to say, he did know how to step to the side and walked past us, his girlfriend in tow. I looked on with disgust and contemplated hurling a couple of equally sarcastic responses to his words – but I could also somehow resist the temptation to just toss the two newly bought papayas at him. Of course, some things are better left to our imagination, so that I could gleefully envision him stumbling onto the ground with black papaya seeds littered all over his puzzled face, or just a mild accident like slipping on a banana peel and doing some sort of wild somersault before ending with a spectacular split in the middle of the road.

I was not aware that there were any walking speed limits imposed on any person on foot. He was not that big as to require a big space of say, three people standing side by side, to walk past us. Oh, how I worry that he could only walk straight on but never knew how to steer to either side. But hey, whoever the heck asked him to tag along and follow behind us anyway?

What gets my blood boiling is the fact that some people just love to blame others for silly reasons, although they could find a way past the problem themselves. Find fault with others, so that they could feel somewhat better. That happens in everyday life. So blame it on two particular casual shoppers that he and his girlfriend were late for a round of clubbing that night.

Also, sorry for the lack of updates – which were mainly caused by the Internet withdrawal symptoms that occurred every now and then, due to long hours spent on declaring war and the likes in Rise of Nations, honing my skills in Tunnel Recon, and catching up on the idiot box. Unproductive, no doubt.

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