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Twenty questions. Not really.

Twenty questions. Not really.

Did you know that Rantglass has been on semi-hiatus for almost one whole year now? I gave a mini announcement on that last year in the December 22nd entry.

Semi-hiatus, in Strizzt’s terms, is when Rantglass ceases to be updated daily. Prior to that, I posted entries on a daily basis.

Actually, I do feel a bit ashamed while reading my older entries. I find it really odd and amusing that certain events, be it as significant as expecting a new addition to the family, or as trivial as the disrespectful statement blurted by the impatient young man (case in point: refer previous entry) could spur me into sitting on this wooden chair to type it all out, and have it published on the Internet. Anyhow, Rantglass is also fast approaching and marking its humble existence on the Internet for two years now.

There are those who just started their blogs and journals, venting their anger and voicing their thoughts; then there are those who have stopped and faded into oblivion, getting on with their normal lives.

There is the emergence of blog and journal centered websites such as the portal petalingstreet.org and Malaysians.com.

There are fellow readers who I have come to be friends with in real life; some that I have just come to know and get acquainted with; and others who seemed to have disappear mysteriously. I do not think there is still anyone who has been with me since the beginning. I guess it has to be attributed to the typical saying of ‘some come, and some go’.

There were unexpected findings and horrifying recognition of ex-classmates, coursemates, and long-forgotten friends, who have jumped onto the blogging and journaling bandwagon. The world seemed so much smaller due to that.

Enough of my writing. Take over the keyboard. I am curious, though, to know the person reading this now. You. Say a hello and leave your name. Who are you, and where do you come from? What makes you stop by here every now and then? And how did you manage to come here in the first place? Why have you remained quiet all this while? Am I known as the resident Matrix fanatic? Does that annoy you? Do I sound like I am writing high school essays? Do you, in return, have questions that you want me to answer for you as well? Something like, why is the sky blue?

I am, however, going away for a little while. I hope to be back soon, yeah.

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