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Steel bars.

Steel bars.

Wow, this is sure turning into a weekly affair, is it not?

If this goes on, sooner or later this will turn into a journal regarding my job-seeking adventures and my new foray into the working world.

Now, I very much look forward to weekends. Two days of rest and recuperation, free of office politics and monitor screens.

Weekends are also the days when I will normally be alone at home. I am always apprehensive when the doorbell rings. It is almost always a salesperson peddling their wares – to which, after a few unlucky encounters (the broadband case is still not settled), I have chosen to pay no heed to anyone with shiny black briefcases; but not today.

There was this incessant ringing of the doorbell that just rakes my nerves. I proceeded to do what I do best – ignore the man completely. He was not discouraged by the lack of response displayed on my part, but kept ringing the doorbell as though he were in a race to see who would win the “Most Doorbell Rings” competition that I was unaware of. After a few minutes, he walked off to a lorry parked nearby. Discussion with the driver.

Then the lorry came to a stop in front of the house, where the man jumped off and took a wooden plank from the back of the lorry, which then rumbled off again. The ringing of the doorbell continued.

What he did next shocked me.

He used the wooden plank and began his attempts in prying open our front gate with it.

At this point, I had to stop him (what, I would be a dungu to not be doing anything, I suppose).

Oi! Apa kamu buat ni? (What are you doing?)” I yelled at him.

Kita nak beli besi. Juallah, kita akan timbang dan bayar you (We want to buy steel. Sell it to us, we’ll weigh it and pay you for it…)”

Tak ada besi di sinilah (We don’t have any),” I told him. Even if there were any, it did not give him the right to bring down our gate with him.

Adalah! (There is!)” and he kept pointing to a few spots at our garden that apparently houses the steel that he wanted. Badly.

Kamu nak curi ke apa ni? (Are you trying to break in?)” I asked him, and not too kindly either. This situation certainly does not warrant it. Why, would you think I would invite him into the house for tea?

Takdelah!” he answered in the negative, exasperated, and stomped off, leaving the wooden plank on the ground. My eyes followed him down the road. Boy, it was as though he were in a walkathon.

There is a question in my mind now.

Did he eventually leave because he felt insulted by my question, or was he really trying to break into the house?

Damn, I cannot even recall his features, what more to actually get a clear view of the lorry’s plate number.

(I was just told that apparently, something similar happened to one of the neighbours previously. A man climbed over the fence and entered the house compound, before someone in the house shouted an alarm.)

Is there not a safe place anymore?

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