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Missing the finale.

Missing the finale.

I cannot exactly point out why, but this picture just makes me want to grin like a maniac, squeal in pure little-girl delight, and then, well, just plain smile and heave a blissful sigh – all at the same time, so you can imagine how my face wrinkles up in response to those expressions. It is just so.. endearing and adorable (eep!). The image is taken from the movie trailer to Shrek 2, which is one of the movies I am looking forward to watching in the cinemas come May 2004. That, by the way, is Puss In Boots, voiced by Antonio Banderas.

Are there any other supposedly good movies due out in 2004? All that follows will act as a reference, because I realise that I have declared way too many times to watch a particular movie – only to back out and not being able to find time for it at the last minute. Then comes the self-humiliation, chiding, and all.

Constantine has been getting all the bad vibes because no one is impressed by the fact that Keanu Reeves made it for the title character.

Then there is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which still stands as my favourite book from the Harry Potter series.

I practically grew up with Garfield, but am having doubts about it being on the big screen. I had t-shirts, comic books, mugs, pencil cases, stationery, soft toys – of the big, fat, orange cat from my younger days. Actually, I still do.

I also have my sights set on Spider-Man II, Troy, and Van Helsing.

Apparently there are also quite a handful of sequels in store for next year as well. The list of movies tentatively scheduled for release in 2004 is available here.

I wish I could just stop stumbling onto spoilers. But then again, how was I to know someone would announce the winner of the current Survivor series on, of all places – a Yahoo! Messenger status? Curses.

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