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Illusionary perspectives.

Illusionary perspectives.

Do a person a good turn, be there to lend a helping hand, toss a coin into the dirty plastic cup, help check an assignment for grammatical errors, and he or she will remember it only for a while.

Do something wrong, be an evil stepmother for a day, a silly mistake or two, or just a plain misunderstanding, and forever be remembered as the malicious and manipulative one who screwed up the other person’s life.

An example: when picking friends to work together in a group assignment. A name comes up. No one says, “Oh, he always does his part, so we should get him in.” Rather, we are bound to hear something in the lines of “What? Why him? He never comes for meetings!” regardless of the fact that well, he really does do his work well – except that he probably does have a problem or two of being punctual or attending meetings. Because of that, he was automatically dropped from the group list.

Some events happen just once, and it will stick to the minds of others for a very, very long time. Apparently the good turns were pretty trivial and inconsequential, and was simply not enough to outweigh the cons – which, unfortunately, were almost always serious and significant.

Somehow, things always seem to work that way. I guess we are all calculative and selfish. But are we really? I do that think we all are, in one way or another.

I am sure you have stumbled upon a question that sounds similar to this: would you rather be hatefully remembered, or be lovingly forgotten?

To be the one who others always dislike and disapprove of; to be known as the vile, disgusting and intolerable individual, eventhough you are long gone.

Or to just fade into oblivion, into absolute nothingness. Not missed, nor remembered by anyone, at all.

Probably others will remember me as the odd one who also happens to like – of all people – David Spade.

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