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A takeoff and a landing.

A takeoff and a landing.

For a while there, I thought today was Wednesday. Another sign that the week has been progressing slowly.

Do you wake up from, hopefully a long and fitful sleep everyday – and no questions asked – you know that today is, say, a Tuesday? It just automatically registers in your brain that yesterday was a Monday; tomorrow a Wednesday. And you go around doing your chores for Tuesday – like sending the clothes over to the laundry so that you can have another peek at the cute girl behind the counter, or going for another round of punching and kicking at your weekly martial arts class.

Or do you actually have to lie on your bed for a few minutes, reminisce the previous day’s events, and think carefully if today is, indeed, a Tuesday? We often end up wishing it were a Sunday so that we can proceed to dig in further beneath the warm blanket and not crawl out to brave the traffic jams on the way to work, or endure another long day at school. Unless, of course, you do love going to work and attending school. I remember I used to drag myself from bed just to catch the bus to school at 6 a.m. I did that for eleven years. It was not exactly fun.

But sometimes it happens like that. I love Fridays, though. I am just not too happy with Sundays.

Despite all the rave reviews and mounting praises I have read from multiple websites and blogs, I have yet to watch the final installment to Lord of the Rings. I am beginning to feel like I am the only person on the planet who has not watched it. Sadly, I do not quite feel the anticipation that drives me to pay a visit to the cinemas.

Also, my apologies that Rantglass was down this morning. It was due to a server move by my generous host Crystal, and I had not uploaded the files then. At that time, I was somewhere, running around in circles, trying to catch a bus to, well, probably get to a hospital after being slashed with a knife from the back. Yeah, apparently I am not that well-liked to have people doing that to me. So you see, I am certainly not the type of girl you would want to bring home to your mother. smile

How much more bizarre could dreams be? I wonder if the pain in dreams could be compared to the pain experienced in real life…

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