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The complicated journey.

The complicated journey.

While everyone else is busy thinking about the new year resolutions for 2004, or digging up the list for 2003 to check if they fulfilled their wishes and mini ‘acheivements’ for the year, I am mentally bracing up for the arduous (to me, anyway) task tomorrow.

It is something that I have not done before, but I am going to go with the flow, and see where events will bring me to. Of course, I almost always have the tendency to involve myself in unfortunate circumstances and awkward situations when I am attempting something for the first time – by myself.

If the opportunity arises – then I will end up utilising feeder buses, express rail link (ERL) services, and the light rail transit (LRT) – all in one day – just to get to the city, and then back again to uni. The other option is to take the bus (which I, er, have done before), and then get on the LRT for the first time. Yeah, so shoot me – I remember that someone once exclaimed, “You are not human!” just because I have not got on the LRT before…

Basically, the two options are open, and I have not come to a decision yet as to which would serve better for my tight schedule tomorrow. A spontaneous decision will have to do, depending on which bus comes first. Therefore, I have been occupying myself by accessing the relevant websites for the past few hours, getting enough details on the fares and travel times. Thankfully, most of the information were recent and thus can be considered quite accurate – and yes, apparently the local authorities have done a pretty good job in maintaining the websites well. To add to that, I have been pestering a friend into providing me with more details on my solitary adventure tomorrow. Of course, you should know that I am about to go through all that trouble of using public transportation simply because I do not drive (or am, uh, rather afraid to).

And all that, alone, without the company of others. No friends, no companions. Just plain me. On a New Year’s Eve.

I am certainly not going to save the world, or swim all the way to Antarctica, but what the heck… I feel some sort of an odd rush in me. The feeling of doing something new, and not knowing if it will turn out right in the end. Is this something like, being in love?

I will see if I can survive through it all to usher in the new year.

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