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In the heat.

In the heat.

Is it almost impossible to have a year full of only good things, without the faintest trace of doom and gloom? To have nothing but happiness and good fortune the whole year through, nary the need to cast any worries or doubts, any reasons to be hit with sorrow and misery for 365 (or 366) days?

The past year has not been too harsh for me, but I would not exactly describe it as a wonderful one either. There has not been a year which is considered memorable to me, a year that I would not mind having to live through for a second time. Is there a year that you would want to return to? I know I will have to think long and hard (heck, will probably not be able to come up with a decent answer to that too) if someone with a time machine were to ask me that question. Time travel could be useful only if your daily tasks involve saving the world and the universe. My life does not require all that.

As cliched as the words may go: life is like a roller-coaster. Life is like a box of chocolates. Life.. just is. True, life does have its ups and downs. What would anyone give to have a trouble-free year? Then again, we learn from mistakes and misfortunes. We are also encouraged to derive and draw lessons based on our own experiences; however, I guess it is not wrong if I point out that each and everyone of us still have the tendency to repeat our own mistakes. Sometimes, we just never learn.

No new year resolutions. Not much reminiscence. Only the fact that we have to start getting used to writing 2004 on our notebooks, cheques, and whatnots. People are out partying in the streets full force to celebrate a brand new beginning to a whole load of uncertainties and challenges that lie ahead, which no one is aware of, yet.

Life, they say, is what you make of it. But is it, really?

I just seem to find it a wee bit strange and awkward at the fact that I will be 21 soon. You know, that interesting number where you find yourself becoming more of an adult rather than a mere teenager (or are suppose to, anyway).

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