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One piece is missing.

One piece is missing.

“Where’s the clock?”

He raised his right hand, index finger pointing towards the clock.

“Now, where’s your aunt?” His mother changed tactics.

He pointed at me, which was complemented with a big smile. I must have been glowing with pride.

“Okay, where’s your grandpa?”

He pointed at me again.

Aiyoh. Where’s grandma?”

He still chose to point at me. Bah… apparently I assumed all three roles. But never mind that. He knows who his aunt is! I am positively proud of this fifteen-month-old’s actions. The house is always full of joy and laughter as he inadvertently entertains us with his curious antics.

It is really a marvel to see how a baby grows. He was crawling then; now, we have trouble keeping up with him, although he may stumble every now and then like a midget drunkard. But it was adorable to see him take his first few steps, and make the transition from liquid-based foods to semi-solid ones. These are things that we can never see or even remember previously doing it ourselves. There are simply too many things to be handled by our ever-fading memory cells. Strangely enough, some seem to recall belting out their first tunes when they were two years old, or claiming to have read dictionaries by the age of five.

In any case, proud parents today are armed with digital gadgets such as video cameras to record their child’s rapid growth into their teenage years.

“I’ll show your girlfriend how you made a mess of yourself while eating your first ice cream cone!” A mother may just resort to blackmailing her son one day. “And it’s not just that – I will let her see how you fell off your chair when…”


Kids today have it good. Real good.

On another note, it took me quite a long while to like Speed of Sound. It rang too much of Clocks to me. Why do I get the feeling that Chris Martin is a bit too over-confident this time around? I hope the band will blow me away with their latest effort. Hype kills.

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