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Lose yourself.

Lose yourself.

Cars circling like hawks, searching for unoccupied parking lots. People pounce on empty shopping carts like cats to mice, while some still dig into their pockets or purses frantically for the required RM1 coin. The long queue at the opened counters increases as shoppers add to the line, seemingly never to diminish.

Really, shopping on weekends could be taxing – or particularly, shopping at a supermarket frequented by mostly the Chinese, this weekend. Most of them were doing their last minute shopping, adding loads of items – particularly food stuff into the already-full shopping cart(s). Mandarin oranges went by boxes, which were originally stacked high up to the ceiling. Biscuits of all sorts were furiously snatched up; as were the assortments of sweets and chocolates.

It was as though the things sold at the supermarket were being given away for free, judging from the full shopping carts. I am not a frequent shopper, which explains how resigned I was when I looked all about me and saw the endless racks of food, the sea of heads, and the din that enveloped me the whole of this morning. I notice that there are a few essential skills that one has to put into good use.

The narrow lanes are chocked full of people, and various items on the racks tower from every corner. You need to literally rub shoulders with others to get from the dairy section to the vegetables. Some of the shoppers, while busy browsing through the selections and checking for expiry dates, may just be taking up the very inch of space that you need for the shopping cart to go through. Times like these, all you need is a quick lesson on maneuvering the shopping cart.

While a majority of shoppers may know what they want to buy and where to get it from within the supermarket – in other words, they do know what to do – unfortunately, there are those who are left confused because they forgot to bring along the shopping list, which is probably still stuck on the refridgerator door back at home. Or that they simply lost track of the location of the desired item. Therefore, they choose to either tread slowly while racking their brains or suddenly stop smack right in front of your shopping cart, making you pause in your tracks lest you run the shopping cart right through them. Thinking about it now, prodding them with the shopping cart is not that bad an idea, really.

Tempers run high when the queue becomes too long; kids bawl upon realising that they had wandered a bit too far from their mothers. The irksome beeping from the counters; shopping carts colliding with each other; coupled with the noisy music and human voices – it all seemed as though it would never end.

What a crazed shopping trip that was.

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