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The sixth one.

The sixth one.


The sink emits a creaking sound. A part of the ceiling looks as if it is about to fall. Visible cracks and ‘my masterpieces’ plastered on the walls. Peeling paint. Fallen aerial. Rusty gates. And a tree that is almost not a tree anymore.

After so many years, things will break; go out of form. I look around the house and that is what I get. It is definitely not new anymore, and I wonder just how much longer will it last.

Would it be wise to shift to a new house every twenty years, or would you rather plan a thorough restoration, hoping that it will still be able to shield you from the glaring sun and pouring rain for another twenty years?

I am not that keen on the first option. Heck, I even get a bit sentimental just by thinking about it. Perhaps your mind, too, automatically rewinds itself to those days when you would make away with a couple of crayons and draw incomprehensible figures on the walls, or the times when the trees bear sweet fruits to be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

This house has become a home; and this is where we belong.

On another note, we had a rather sunny Chinese New Year, did we not? Mine was like the usual – going around visiting; sitting in the corner in silence; feeling peevish at the loud non-stop firework sounds at night; going all irritable when Chinese New Year songs come on air either on television or on the radio; tossing the oh-so-famous-in-Malaysia-only yee sang (a dish that is popular come Chinese New Year); and reliving the moment the grumpy aunt gave me an ang pow (red packet filled with money). It was not all that bad, really. It is always fun to be able to have a family dinner at home.

I treated myself to a four-day break, doing nothing but indulging only in Icewind Dale 2. Then it was back to work – I have been busy reviving Pixelglass, and I am glad to say that it has been completed (finally!), for the sake of producing my personal design portfolio when I go hunting for internship soon (yes, take me in – or hire me! sigh…). Sadly, the assignments still remain untouched…

And why the heck am I listening to punk rock? Someone should stop me from listening to The Ataris everyday. But I do know who to blame for the influence (yes, you!).

On air now: The Saddest Song, The Ataris

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