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Back to basics.

Back to basics.

The most difficult question to answer in the world is supposedly this: “Why can’t you tickle yourself?” I am not sure if this mind boggling question has been solved today, though.

Of course, some of us may be ticklish, and jump at the slightest prod or poke at the ribs courtesy of a playful friend. Thankfully, that was never one of my shortcomings, but I do resort to mischievous means by tickling a friend whenever one of them teases me, making the unfortunate one jump up like a bolt in mock agony. It has, in a way, become one of my most feared weapons – and hey, I am proud of that fact.

However, over the years I have stumbled upon a question that also gives me more disgust than pure curiosity. I am not sure if it applies to everyone else as well, but somehow it has already happened to me thrice.

Why is it that I look like an unsuspecting orange, one horned alien with an obvious defect on my face, in my identity card? (pictures for the identity cards are snapped by the registration officials, but let us not blame them for it.)

I would not say that I look like a hideous monster; but I reckon that I still appear presentable enough to safely step out of the house and get on the bus with countless other mortals, without them tilting their heads and giving me strange looks as though I just escaped from a nearby zoo or museum for unidentified beings.

I can never understand why it always happens that way. I can just imagine being stopped by a policeman at a roadside on one fine day, then having him bark at me, “Ni punya muka tak sama?” (your face does not look the same) as his finger jabs repeatedly at my face on the identity card.

What happens if a prospective employer needs a copy of my identity card? They might have to think twice before granting me an interview, because, face it (no pun intended) – looks do come first in the world of today. What impression am I giving to others?

Apparently I will be stuck with the same identity card for a couple of decades. There is no use renewing it with another picture of myself, since it would look still make me look bad as well. Sigh.

Oh, and do tell me if the new layout is not easy on the eyes or something.

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