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Digitally speaking.

Digitally speaking.

“Now there are two windows on the screen, yes? The one on top is where you read what I write; you can type in stuff in the second window. Then click on the ‘Send’ button.”

“I don’t see any ‘Send’ button.”

Aiyah, it’s at the bottom right of the window…”

“Where?... Oh, found it.”

... went the telephone conversation, as I introduced her to the basic usage of ICQ. She has just acquired her own email address, and is still trying to successfully steer her way through the essentials of writing and sending emails, after the relatively speedy lesson I gave her during the weekend when I was at home for the holidays. I think she did fine today; not bad, not bad at all, even without my presence at her side to guide her.

Of course, there were still the frantic explanations through the telephone, and the occasional nervous laughs. I do not mind, though.

I guess nothing measures up to the valuable life lessons that she has given me, if compared to the brief sessions of dialing up to the Internet and learning to navigate her way through on the computer.

Therefore, the happiest thing that happened to me today was when she successfully replied to my ICQ message. We had a little chat, and it was kind of odd to be typing words in English, tossing our messages back and forth in real time – basically, something we have never done before. I am still smiling (although a bit sheepishly, because it almost seems too trivial a thing to be smiling about) as I think of it. A simple yet also somehow significant matter such as this has the power to get me through the day.

Welcome to the Internet, Mum!

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