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Burn into obscurity.

Burn into obscurity.

For a while, I thought I had majored in the wrong department. My major includes the word ‘media’ in its name, and we are supposed to be working on anything in relation to multimedia – but then I heard it from the grapevine that we are not allowed to apply for web designer/developer positions. That, after I had made countless enquiries and sent off relevant details to companies for my internship placement. The department is so fickle, I swear that if this goes on, I am turning into an engineering student next (as commented by a fellow friend). For some reason, it leads me back to some contemplations I had during the previous week, whereby my mind suddenly registers copywriting courses as one of the things I should include in my ‘to-do list’ after graduation.

The prospect of attending two important appointments on Friday the 13th is not exactly that bright, either. I am not of the superstitious kind; still, I can not help but feel a tad bit uneasy at the relevation. I did not refer to the calendar, but responded promptly with a ‘I will see you next Friday’ to two different people, with much confidence over the phone. Once at home, I checked the calendar and immediately thought, well – of all days – how did I ever end up choosing a Friday the 13th?

I hope nothing bad happens on that day. I am not looking forward to having any untoward experiences that might forever mar my perspective of the ‘unlucky’ day. It depends heavily on whether you are a believer, or not. I would like to say I am a skeptic; then again, I have the tendency to put ‘better safe than sorry’ as a, well, hopefully valid enough excuse.

Anyhow, I am excited that Steven Spielberg will be helming the Tintin projects. It might be old news, but yeah. A trilogy of sorts revolving around the adventures of the wonder-boy journalist and his ‘lionheart’ dog, Snowy. I wonder if anyone would be able to fit into his role perfectly – someone mentioned Elijah Wood, and I agreed that he seems to be the best candidate so far. Heck, I should get going to re-reading the books someday. Given my busy schedule, it will be quite a while before I touch any books at all – there are a couple of new books lying around my room, untouched – and one of them is supposedly a classic and not to be missed. How depressing.

So little time; yet a hundred things to do, and the workpile keeps increasing. Do you not just hate it, being given the runaround from various parties? It happened to me today. Thrice.

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