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White shadows.

White shadows.

I have never thought I would shed tears from reading books. But I did just that yesterday. Probably I had grown to love that particular character too damn much, and reading of his demise, I felt an odd throbbing in the heart, as tears slowly welled in my eyes.

I mean, it is relatively common to have people cry while watching the movies. You do not get lost in translation. What you see is what you get. It tugs the heartstrings easily. But from books…?

He had prevailed through three books, amounting to approximately twenty one hundred pages. And it was not as if he had died of kinder circumstances. It was not meant to be.

It makes me feel almost afraid to have a go at the book again, but I know I will have to read it another time. Fantasy novels like this one are timeless jewels; they do not have expiry dates, and deserve another few reads.

Still, I knew of his death before I even read the book, because the book that comes after it had already made it clear on its back cover. Book synopses do not tell lies; they lead.

But it still failed to prepare me for the inevitable. I did not think that I would be that much affected by his passing, but I found myself thinking hard. Thinking why I even bothered. He was merely letters strung together into words, given a lease of life by a writer. Breathes nothing. Looks like nothing. But he has a name, and a very good one at that, too.

Strange it is, to be crying over a fictional character that existed not in a physical form, but only in my imagination. Sleek, intelligent, clean, courageous, huggable.

And he was not even human to begin with. He reinforced in me a desire to rush out to the woods and be amongst the greens. To be wild, leave everything behind, and lead a simple life, because we humans have such complicated lives.

I wonder if our lives are unveiled like a book’s as well.

Oh, the new album. Fooosh. Track one has been playing in my mind all day long – then track three comes and changes it all. Yes, I am such a sucker for addictive guitar hooks. It makes me want to say the word ‘fuck’, and I know not exactly why.

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