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The fourth one, and going.

The fourth one, and going.

“Frankly speaking, we don’t even need you.”

And that was like, whoa. Barely even ten minutes into the interview and he had already uttered those words. But we sat through it all and parted on a relatively optimistic note. At least, I would like to think so. And I am not even an optimistic person to begin with.

It could not be helped, though, and I cannot really blame him. He already has bad impressions on hiring interns after his previous experiences with them. Then again, life has always been unfair. Just because some other people find it somehow sufficient to put in half their efforts into their work, the other potential employees are left hovering and balancing on a thin thread in the air. That is how rough work life could be.

There are some interviewers who are really strict and straightforward, professionally firing away with various questions – however, we manage to discuss matters not directly related to the job as well; and as a bonus I received valuable advice and guidance. I learnt a great deal of things from these people, and they have my admiration and respect.

Then there are the other somewhat arrogant ones who think that they are in complete control of the situation (although in actuality they are, but you get my drift). I encountered one typical Chinaman dude today whose intentions seemed obvious in degrading me in front of his (only) two other colleagues in the small office. I am not going to return there anyhow.

I guess I should count myself lucky that there are some companies interested to have me as an intern, whether they are located in shoplots without even a decent signboard, or have their office occupy an entire floor of a high-rise commercial building. I am a terribly picky person, however, and take everything into consideration. I mean, how am I going to withstand the horrific crawl to Petaling Jaya every weekday?

I was aiming high – but now, my expectations are beginning to decrease; my spirit dwindling. Yep, I am aware of how naive I can be. The first few steps into working long hours up to five or six days a week, going through daily traffic jams, wrestling with others in public transportation, have supervisors barking at your mistakes, hard-to-please clients with millions of miscellaneous demands.

No matter what it takes, I just have got to learn to embrace all that.

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